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Insider Tips & Noteworthy Pitfalls.
An article on How to Hire a Quality Private Investigator by Bear Witness

Free Tips before hiring any private investigator.

These tips are for those of you who have never hired a private investigator or private detective and now find yourself in need of one.  Whether your case is relatively simple or complex, we'll go over 3 separate issues that are most important and helpful to anyone looking to hire a professional private investigator.  And as the title implies, we will also be going over what to watch out for.  If you have a few moments, read though all sections.  You could save yourself lots of time, money, and future headaches.

Don't gamble or roll the dice when you need a P.I.

A quick internet search will reveal hundreds of Private Investigator advertisements.  In the State of California, there's absolutely no shortage of private investigators.  In fact, there are more private investigators & detectives concentrated here than anywhere else in the country, or the free world, for that matter.  Unfortunately, like in any other profession, not all are created equal.  How are you to know which private investigator is best for you and your circumstance?  Do you want to pick a name out of a hat, roll the dice and gamble with the outcome of your important case?  We seriously doubt it.  Keep reading to learn from industry insiders how to hire the very best private investigator for you & your case.

TIP #1:

Make sure the private investigator is State licensed and has  "real" (not inflated) experience.

Do not simply expect that you are hiring a professional.  Newbie's and Wanna-be's are out there too.  Use the free online resource we provide.  Learn to “weed out” amateurs and make a wise, quality choice for you and your important case. 
Read the full version of TIP #1 by clicking here.

TIP #2:
Make sure the private investigator specializes in what you actually need.

If you have never hired a P.I. before, you may not know the difference until it is way too late.  Learn exactly what to look for right here.
Read the full version of TIP #2 by clicking here.

TIP #3:
Make sure the private investigator is not selling out their clients for publicity. 

Nobody likes his or her case splattered across local or national TV or globally across the Internet.  Do they? Learn how to protect yourself from media-thirsty private investigators. 
Read the full version of TIP #3 by clicking here.
Tips for hiring a private investigator in Los Angeles, OC california by Bear Witness
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