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Bear Witness subscribes to higher industry standards, practices, and ethics.  We endorse these & other allied professional P.I. organizations: the National Association of Investigative Specialists & the World Association of Detectives.  As West Coast natives & California locals, we are also proud supporters of the Surfrider Foundation, an environmental non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving our oceans, waves, and beaches.

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Bear Witness is a US Military veteran-owned California State licensed private investigation firm - PI LIC# 18755

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The California State Licensed Private Investigators at Bear Witness are available 24/7 to service your business and corporate private investigation needs throughout
the entire State of California and beyond.  Some of the most popular metropolitan areas in California that our private detectives provide business & corporate investigation services to clients include:  Los Angeles, Long Beach / South Bay, Orange County, Ventura County, San Diego, San Bernardino County,
Riverside, Southern California, Northern California, San Francisco, Bay Area, Silicon Valley, San Mateo County, San Jose, Santa Clara County,
Alameda County,, Napa, & Marin County.  Call 24/7 for a Free Consultation regarding your business or corporate investigation case in CA.   


Corporate & Business Investigations

We solve business problems, big & small.
Bear Witness provides business owners, managers, and corporate executives with the real-time data and vital information needed to make smart, well-informed decisions.  Our California State licensed private investigators & surveillance specialists are ready to place the power of information in your hands.    

Razor sharp tools with many applications.
Our specialized research & surveillance services often come to the rescue of businesses in need of practical, swift, & battle-tested solutions.  Couple top quality private detective services with our best-in-class business practices and you've got yourself a capable partner you can truly count on...from simple assignments to complex, mission-critical situations.

Typical cases we can assist your business with:

*  Employee, Executive Personnel, or Business Partner Surveillance
*  Surveillance of Employees or Company Representatives
*  Business Intelligence gathering & Due Diligence Investigations
*  Employee Theft Interviews, Interrogations, Confessions & Restitution
*  Employee Theft, Internal Theft, Embezzlement, & External Theft case
*  We investigate, identify, & bring your Employee Theft Issues to a Halt
*  Undercover Operatives & Investigations, Hidden & Covert Cameras
*  Security Audits, Inventory Loss / Control Evaluations & Audits
*  Workers' Compensation Claims & Fraud Investigations
*  Insurance Fraud, Workers' Comp Fraud, & Defense Investigations
*  Video Surveillance & Subrosa Specialists gather hard evidence & proof
*  Workplace Violence, Workplace Threats, Security & Protection Service
*  Executive Protection, Armed & Unarmed Plain-Clothes Security Service
*  Stalker, Obsession, Harassment, & Sexual Harassment investigations
*  Employee Attendance Problem, Employee Time Theft Investigations
*  Investigate Abuse of Family & Medical Leave Act, FMLA, PFL, & CFRA
*  Disability Fraud & Claims Investigations, Insurance Fraud & Claims
*  General Surveillance, Video Surveillance, Photographic Evidence
*  Bug Sweeps, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, TSCM
*  Personal Injury Investigations, Accident Investigations, Slip & Falls
*  Business & Corporate Investigations, Lawsuit Defense
*  Product Liability, Civil Lawsuit Defense, Medical Malpractice Claims
*  Worker's Compensation Claims, Workplace Injury investigation
*  Fraud, Theft, Vandalism & other Criminal Case investigations
*  Locate & Find Witnesses or Debtors, Service of Legal Process
*  For Human Resources (Many Investigation support services available)
*  Asset Investigations, Bankruptcy & Receivership Investigations
*  New Business Ventures & Business Partnerships, Due Diligence
*  Background Screening, Background Checks (criminal, civil, & more)
*  Support Services for your company's Attorney, Lawyer, or Law Firm
*  Pre-Litigation Preparation, Litigation Support, & Trial Support Services
*  Infidelity, Adultery, Marital Affair & other Inappropriate Behavior Concerns
*  Many other sensitive & strictly confidential information gathering situations

When your company's reputation or finances are the line, it's time to get serious. Contact our professional private investigators for a free consultation regarding your particular business or corporate situation.  Get the factual information & answers you need, so you can get back to business. 

Call now for a consultation with a private detective.

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