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A few customer reviews & testimonials

In an effort to fully protect the privacy of our valued clients, names and/or locations are altered.

"Thanks for the great investigation.  This was my first time hiring a private investigator and you guys really made it a positive experience.  The surveillance video and information your company obtained really helped me out in making a tough decision.  I appreciate all your hard work and personal attention."
Irvine, California (Orange County)

"I do feel lucky to have found & hired Bear Witness.  They were referred to me by a friend after another private investigation agency nearly botched my child custody case.  Bear Witness did an awesome job from beginning to end.  The video surveillance was flawless.  But, even better than that was the insight they delivered.  They helped me use the evidence in the best possible way to prove my case in court.  If it weren't for their experience, skill, & knowledge in child custody investigations, it would have been an uphill battle instead of a landslide victory.  Many thanks to James & the Bear Witness team."
Westminster, California (Orange County)   

"Thank you for the top notch effort.  Your private investigators performed the surveillance on my soon-to-be spouse, tracked her activities, and kept everything completely discreet.  I couldn't be happier with the communication & the results of your firm.  As I am out of town often, I may need your surveillance services again down the line.  The peace of mind you delivered was priceless.  Thanks again."
Santa Monica, California (Los Angeles County) 

"I hired your detective agency to do a surveillance investigation in Orange County for a personal issue.  I found your company to be professional & very helpful.  Thank you for the updates, insight, and information you provided.   You guys did a good job and I will recommend your private investigator company to others."
Newport Beach, California (Orange County)    

“Your surveillance skills are simply the best in the business!”
Costa Mesa, California (Orange County)

"James, thank you for stepping in and helping out our law firm! You came highly recommended to us by a colleague as the go-to-guy for all things surveillance.  Good communication skills & excellent work!"
Los Angeles, CA (Los Angeles County)      

“The consummate professionals.”
Bel Air, California (Los Angeles County)

“By far, Bear Witness is the best!  Before I found Bear Witness, I had hired 2 other private investigation companies to help me find out if my husband was cheating on me.  Both private investigators had nice offices, and seemed to say all the right things.  I paid them well, but in the end, they both failed as they just couldn't perform the surveillance job.  I was so very disappointed as I was still not any closer to the truth.  Then, I found & hired Bear Witness.  I just cannot say enough nice things about James & his company.  Not only did they get the proof that I needed right away, but their kindness, understanding, and talent has led me to refer many other people, just like me, to Bear Witness.  Thank you James & company for getting me the truth I so badly needed!  You guys are great!”
Coto De Caza, California (Orange County)

"As sneaky as she turned out to be, it didn't take your team of surveillance investigators long to catch my cheating wife with her boyfriend.  I knew something just wasn't right with her.  You guys caught her having sex in his car...unbelievable!  As much as it hurt to know the truth & see the proof, I do appreciate it.  Thank you for your hard work and diligence."
Beverly Hills, California (Los Angeles County)           

“It was GREAT working with you!  I'm glad that we selected Bear Witness over the other investigation companies on our list.  The surveillance you performed gave our business valuable insight into the situation and it was of great benefit to us.   I do hope we have the opportunity to work together again soon.  If you ever need to give a reference, please tell them to call me.  Keep in touch.”  
Chatsworth, California (Los Angeles County)

"Excellent communication, insight, and follow-through skills.  Very impressed with your surveillance video.  Excellent work.  Thank you!  Will refer to friends in need."
Manhattan Beach, CA (Los Angeles County)

“James, I want to thank you for giving me the peace of mind that I so desperately needed.  I just wanted the truth of what was going on with my husband, and what he was up to on his spare time.  I knew that I needed to do this.  I just needed a final confirmation.   You & your team gave me all the evidence that all that I needed to see.   My eyes are fully open now.  I will be moving forward with my divorce, and try hard to rebuild my personal life.   You can close my case now.   The next time around, I will call you first before I commit to any serious relationship so you can do your thing.  I would definitely recommend your services to my family, friends, and colleagues in a similar position.  Thank you for being so very kind and attentive to my needs.  I do appreciate all that you have done for me.  I do feel lucky to have found a private investigator like you.”
San Bernardino, California (San Bernardino County)

"I was nervous about hiring a private detective and struggled with the idea of it.  But, I really needed to find out if my boyfriend was cheating on me or if he was faithful.  James at Bear Witness private investigations was professional and easy to talk to.  I felt confident in his company's ability to get to the bottom of it.  Bear Witness did an excellent job for me. Unbelievably, I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me with more than one woman & I had the evidence to prove it.  We were supposed to move in together, merge our businesses, and get married soon.  I'm glad I found out (sooner rather than later) who he really was before I made a bad personal & business decision.  I'm very happy with the service I received from Bear Witness.  I would recommend Bear Witness to anyone needing a top quality private investigator in Orange County."      
Laguna Beach, California (Orange County)

“I needed to hire a private investigator in Orange County.  My friend recommended your company.  Actually, she wouldn't shut up about it.  I actually thought it was a little weird.  But, now I know what she was talking about.  Thanks for the help.  I am quite happy that I hired you.  Like I mentioned to you, I just wish I could keep you on retainer for a few years!”
Anaheim Hills, California (Orange County)

“I required the services of a private investigator this past summer for personal and private reasons.  After interviewing 3 firms, I decided on Bear Witness because of their appearance, expertise, intelligence, responsiveness and, most importantly, their patience with me and my needs.  This company accomplished their tasks for me in a timely and extremely professional manner.  When the need arises again, I will rely on the Bear Witness Detective Agency because of the diligence, integrity, and responsiveness this organization displayed. “
Huntington Beach, California (Orange County)

"As many fathers can attest, divorce and custody matters can often times be extremely difficult.  What makes matters more difficult in these situations is when you as a father suspect neglect, abuse or that your children are at risk in some way while with the other parent.  This is what happened to me over a period of 2-3 years. Most of the time, my children were simply unable to articulate what they had seen or experienced due to their ages.  After enough complaints from my children about things they were experiencing while with the other parent, I finally realized I needed the help of a professional investigation company.  I felt that I could possibly put the concerns to rest if it was simply a miscommunication between me and my kids. But, I finally needed to see for myself.  I had never had any involvement with a private investigation company and I really was not sure what to expect.  Fortunately for me, when I conducted a random search on the internet, I was lucky enough to have found Bear Witness. When I spoke with James, the lead investigator, I found that he was very professional and friendly.  I somehow knew that after talking with him that I was going to be in good hands.  The process was very simple, and James and his team began working very quickly for me.

Unfortunately, I was somewhat ill prepared for what the surveillance revealed and was shocked beyond belief as to what my children were enduring at the hands of the other parent.  Prior to their amazing work, I fell into the “he said she said” category while my kids continued to endure the things they did.  James and his team played a crucial role in preventing my children from being placed at risk.  Based on the investigation & surveillance by Bear Witness, I was able to have the necessary proof in a court of law and take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of my children.  Suffice it to say that the courts listened.  The surveillance techniques used were incredible to say the least. After viewing some of the footage obtained by the investigators, I was amazed at the skills their investigators have.  It did not end there.  James and his team completed an entire written report of what they had observed and the footage they had captured. If your case involves any type of court hearing, their professionalism continues. They were outstanding witnesses, professional and unbiased in court, dressed very professional, completely prepared for testimony and even arrived at the court house before I did.

James and his team have done amazing things for my family.  I would not hesitate in a second to use his agency again. To James and everyone at Bear Witness: Because of you, I no longer have to potentially endure some type of tragedy involving my kids.  I cannot thank you guys enough!  Keep up the outstanding work!"

Newport Beach, California (Orange County)

“Run, don't walk to Bear Witness!  What else can I say other than you are truly a gem!  I'm so very glad that I found you.  As you know, I was deep in love with a man who sadly turned out to be a chronic cheater.  I'll leave out the juicy details if you don't mind.  But, thank you for being so patient and so kind to me.  The excellent work your company did for me opened my eyes wide.  It truly saved me from making a horrible marriage and disastrous financial decision.  Some time has gone by now and my life has changed for the better. I love you guys and wish you much continued success.  Take good care.  I'll be talking with you later, James!”
Laguna Beach, California (Orange County)

“Oh man.  Where do I start?  I fell in love with a beautiful angel.  I gave her everything she desired.  Money, clothes, a car, a house.  I did it freely because seeing her happy, made me happy.  But, after some time, I started to notice a change in her.  We were engaged and had plans to wed in the next 6 months.  But, a little voice inside was telling me to check things out.  So, I looked around for a private investigator.  I selected Bear Witness because they seemed very knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy.  After talking a while with James, we made plans to do surveillance on her.  It didn't take Bear Witness long at all to uncover the ugly truth.  She was seeing another guy.  The video was clear and convincing.  After a romantic and affectionate dinner, they checked in at a local upscale hotel.  She, of coarse, told me she was going to a business meeting on the other side of town.  Sad as I was to hear it, I was happy to have the truth.  I can live with that.  Thank you, James.  I should cut your company a check for half the cost of my wedding!!  Lord knows you saved me a ton of money on a divorce attorney and future alimony.  I can definitely recommend that others hire Bear Witness if they are in need of a quality private investigator.  Many thanks. “
La Jolla, California (San Diego County)

“I just wanted to drop a quick note to say Thank you, Bear Witness!  Your recent Child Custody investigation played a part in helping me gain full physical custody of my daughters.  It's been such a long, hard struggle. I can't thank you enough for all your help.”
Laguna Niguel, California (Orange County)

“I remember when I first spoke with you.   I was embarrassed to tell you that I did not have a lot of money to fund this Child Custody investigation.   We spoke about the welfare of my four-year-old son whose father drinks and smokes marijuana often.  He reeks of it when he comes to pick him up for visitation.  Yet, in Family Court, he often portrayed himself as an innocent victim.  You told me not to worry and you worked out a game plan for my case.  Though your rates were not the lowest I had found, I did feel you were the best.  I hired your company and it was really one of the best decisions I have ever made.  No one would believe me if I told them.  But then again, I didn't have to do that anymore.  Your surveillance video told the whole story.  Thank you also for coming to court with me to provide testimony as to what you saw happening with my son.  I am so very grateful for all your kindness and help.  I won't soon forget.  When I finish my law school, you will be at the top of my list of those invited to my graduation.  I hope you will honor me with your presence.”   
Inglewood, California (Los Angeles County)

“As you recall, my ex-husband was lying to the courts about how much money he was making so he could try to get out of paying spousal and child support.  This caused a serious burden to me and my family.  You helped me, and my attorney, prove that he was a complete liar.  Your investigation really helped my case in court.  Me and my kids thank you very much.”
Irvine, California (Orange County)

“Wow!  What an excellent company to use!!  I contracted the Bear Witness Detective Agency to perform surveillance on my wife that had filed for divorce, was living with another man, and asking for more spousal support!  Bear Witness did an outstanding job.  They did it without being detected and provided all the follow up documentation to my lawyer promptly.  From my first contact with Bear Witness, they have treated me with respect, provided helpful advice on the most effective way to proceed, and operated with a professional but down to earth style. All their communication is easy to understand and they gave me daily updates on progress.  I also found their rates quite competitive.  I can highly recommend the Bear Witness Detective Agency if you need any help with surveillance or private investigations in Southern California.“ 
Carlsbad, California (San Diego County)

“Your detective agency was great!  Our situation was very serious we had neighbors near our business spreading horrible rumors that were untrue.  Worst of all, these persons were intercepting potential clients with the sole intent of defaming and slandering my family and me.  The situation was costing our business revenue and above all hurting our family's 20 year reputation in our community.  After contracting with another investigative firm named (___ ___ ____), they were soon found to be quite unreliable.   So, we fired that company and hired The Bear Witness Detective Agency.  The process was immediate and they knew exactly what to do.  Within a week, we had all the hard proof of what was being said about our business and family.  Our attorneys will take it from here.  Yet, I am very grateful for the guidance and skillful execution provided to us by James & his company.  Bear Witness was professional, cost effective, and above all honest.  I can highly recommend them to anyone seeking a professional private investigator in Orange County!"
Newport Beach, California (Orange County)

“I wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for your professional help and emotional support during the past few days.  I am truly glad that I chose your company over all the others out there.   You definitely provided me with “One of a Kind” service and you are seriously a great guy, James.  I will definitely let all my friends and business connections know about your investigation company and the outstanding work you did for me.  Thank you again.” 
North Hollywood, California (Los Angeles County)

"I have been a customer of Bear Witness multiple times now. I am very satisfied with all their work.  This is a great company to put your trust and your hard earned dollars into. They went to the highest hilltop for me, literally.  I needed evidence of my “ex” either working or riding his dirt bike because he was claiming a disability plus asking the court for spousal support because he “was hurt and couldn't work”.  James and his team at the Bear Witness Detective Agency took on my case.  They ended up video-taping him out in the high desert riding his dirt bike on multiple occasions.  This was not a simple task as he was already quite paranoid about getting caught.  These guys came through in flying colors.  It was exactly what I needed to prove my case in court.   The truthful evidence they obtained saved me so much money in the long run.  My attorney was so impressed by their professionalism and diligence that she wants to make Bear Witness a part of her litigation support team.  If you are looking for a great company that will deliver results, there is no need to look any further because this private investigator is the one you want!”
Corona, California (Riverside County)

“A few words about my experience with Bear Witness:  After interviewing a couple different P.I. companies, I chose Bear Witness.  They were professional, trustworthy, easy to work with and very good at what they do.  I give them 2 thumbs way up!  Referring my business associates, friends, & family to Bear Witness for their private investigation needs will be an easy thing to do.”
South Pasadena, California (Los Angeles County)

“This was the 1st time I needed the services of a private investigator.  I hope it will be my last.  My situation was very private & personal, and dealt with marital infidelity.  I'm pretty sure that most people call around and talk to a private detective or two before they select one they feel comfortable with.  But, I just wanted to tell you now, James, that I had actually talked with 6-7 different investigation companies throughout Orange County as I struggled with this very personal situation.  None of them, James, and I repeat, none of them, compared to you.  People should know that there is something really special about you and about the way that you treat others.  I can tell this is “not just a job” for you.  Professionally speaking, you & your company did excellent work.  You guided me through the process and were always looking out for my best interests.  You created a plan for my case but were still able to easily adapt to changes when they occurred.  The video evidence that you shared with me brought tears to my eyes.  But, I am thankful that you were able to bring me the truth.  I am glad that I found you and chose your company.  Thank you again for all your help and support.  If anyone else out there is looking to hire a great private investigator in Southern California, I would highly recommend you hire Bear Witness Private Investigations on the spot!“
Fountain Valley, California (Orange County)

“I can't thank you enough for the kindness you showed me.   Even though I was going through such a tough personal time, you made me feel calm and better.  It was so easy to work with you.  Your company provided me with all the answers and photos that I needed to make my decision.  Thank you so much.”
Chula Vista, California (San Diego County)

“If it were not for not your diligence, creative thinking, and hard work, the true facts of my case would never have been exposed in court.  The evidence was most compelling and it changed the outcome.  I can tell you are humble and do not necessarily like praise.  But, you are most deserving of it.  Thank you, James.  I am in your debt.”
Dana Point, California (Orange County)

"I hired Bear Witness private investigation to help me get proof that my husband was cheating on me with his co-worker.  James & his company got me the hard proof that I needed, and I'm very grateful to them for doing it in such a quick and professional manner.  To be honest, at first, I had hired a "cheaper" PI company to help me.  But, as it turned out, it wasn't a good investment of my time or money.  But, James & his company (Bear Witness) did the job that the other investigator just couldn't do.  On top of going a great job, they were kind, understanding, and patient with me.  They kept in touch with me throughout the investigation which was nice because I was very nervous about discovering the truth.  In the end, I got exactly what I needed...Hard Proof.  Thanks Bear Witness Private Investigations!  If anyone out there needs to catch a cheating spouse, make the call to Bear Witness." 
Carlsbad, California (San Diego County)

“After speaking with a few different agencies, my instincts told me to pick Bear Witness.  I felt most comfortable, secure, and confident with their abilities.  Thank you for all your help and discretion.  I do appreciate it.  Send me some more business cards please.  You know what I do, and the type of clients I can send your way.  I look forward to working together with you again in the near future.  If anyone reading this is on the fence about which private investigation company to hire, I'll just say this: These guys are good and worth it.  Cheers.”
Hollywood Hills, California (Los Angeles County)

“These guys are not the cheapest but you will get the most bang for your buck because they just know how to do things the right way.  If I would have hired them in the first place, I truly believe that I would not have still been dealing with my child custody issue.  Nevertheless, when I came to my senses and hired Bear Witness, they were able to “clean up” the other investigation company's mess and still gather critical and very helpful video evidence for our case.  They did a great job!”
Moreno Valley, California (Riverside County) 

“From the beginning of my case to the end, your private investigation company did a great job for me.  I must say that I was initially worried as I had never hired a P.I....but you guys really know what you are doing and made it look so easy.  I am a very satisfied customer and glad that I hired your team of detectives at Bear Witness.  Keep up the very good work!"   
Cerritos, CA (Los Angeles County)

"I'm a repeat user of Bear Witness.  Though my surveillance assignments are usually filled with difficult and tough circumstances, they always come through for me.  I appreciate their insight, patience, listening skills, and raw talent.  Thanks Bear Witness for all your help.”
Hermosa Beach, California (Los Angeles County)

“I talked with several different private investigation companies regarding my child custody case.  I hired Bear Witness.  Why? Everyone else told me exactly what I wanted to hear.  Bear Witness did not.  They actually told me things I didn't want to hear.  These guys were not robots.  They were smart, one step ahead of the game, and always looked out for my best interest.  In the end, my case is rock solid because of what they accomplished for me.  You definitely want these guys on your side.  Were they highly effective? Yes.  Were they worth it? Yes.  Would I hire Bear Witness again? Yes.  Would I recommend them?  Absolutely yes.”
Palm Springs, California (Riverside County)

“I hired Bear Witness for a personal issue, at first.  Turns out that I was pretty impressed with them.  Now, they handle other business related issues as they arise for my employer.  Needless to say, I am a devoted customer.  Thank you for always being there when I need you.” 
Ontario, CA (San Bernardino County)

"The investigative services you provided were professional and thorough.  I am impressed with your ability to listen to my concerns, develop a plan, and flawlessly execute it.  Your skills and integrity are impeccable, and without question.  I can highly recommend Bear Witness Private Investigations to others.  Thank you for making me feel like your #1 client.  I do appreciate it."
Santa Monica, California (Los Angeles County)

"I can't believe you got the evidence so quickly!  Something that had been bothering me for 2 years was put to rest after one day of your surveillance.  I finally have the truth in my hands and can move on with my life now.  I am glad that I choose you & your company to assist me with this very personal matter.  Thanks for being so easy to talk to and work with.  You are very kind and I wish you much continued success."
Perris, California (Riverside County)

"Wow.  Outstanding job!  I really did get lucky when I picked you guys.  I don't think any other private investigator could have handled my case better than you did.  Very on top of your game, from start to finish.  Excellent work!"    
Newport Beach, California (Orange County)

"Thank you for getting me the information I needed to make a smart life-altering decision.  I had a weird feeling my fiance was seeing another woman.  But, your company got me the hard proof.  And you got it fast.  Many thanks to your private investigators!  You saved me from making a big mistake."
Irvine, California (Orange County)

"I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to you and your private investigators for the marital surveillance you did last week.  I have not looked at the video and photos you sent me.  Your package remains sealed & unopened.  From our discussions, I gather I should have all the evidence I need.  I just don't have the heart to look at it yet.  Thanks for breaking the news to me in such a kind and understanding way.  I really appreciated that.  It has been a sincere pleasure working with you and your team.  I wish you all well.  Thanks again."
Burbank, California (Los Angeles County)  

"Of all the private investigators I have used, the Bear Witness Detective Agency has proven to be the only investigation company I can completely rely on and trust.  When I need smart surveillance investigators who get the job done right, they are always at the very top of my call list."
Redondo Beach, California (Los Angeles County)

"My experience with the Bear Witness Detective Agency has been outstanding.  James & his company executed my divorce investigation to perfection.  I feel so lucky to have hired such a skilled private investigation company.  I'm not even sure where to begin this review.  Let's just keep it simple and say that you would be a fool if you did not hire this detective agency.  From start to end, and everything in between....they have been by my side and uncovered so much valuable information and evidence.  Their level of service is upscale and better than I ever expected.  Their excellent work has made my divorce lawyer's job quite easy.  Thank you ever so much for all your help and advice.  I will be certain to refer my friends & associates to Bear Witness for all their private investigation needs."
Newport Coast, California (Orange County)

"After interviewing a few private investigators in the Orange County area, I choose Bear Witness Private Investigations to help me with my personal and sensitive marital issue.  I feel it was an excellent choice.  They were patient, understanding, and knowledgeable.  The surveillance they performed for me was thorough and complete with video evidence and a well-written report.  But it was the little things that I believe made this company shine.  In the end, they uncovered enough evidence for me to confront my wife and finally put this issue to rest.  I'm not sure if divorce is in my future, but I am grateful to Bear Witness for delivering me the truth.  Thanks guys!"
Irvine, California (Orange County)

"I hired another private investigator first.  That guy was a retired cop turned P.I.  He may have been good at other things but, as it turned out, he did not know anything about surveillance and following people.  It took me 3 days of hearing his lame excuses before I figured out I was wasting my time and fired him.  Then I found and hired Bear Witness.  A bright star in a sea of darkness!  Based on my experience, these guys are in a class all by themselves.  Outstanding communication and performance.  Nice work!"
Laguna Niguel, California (Orange County)

"Thank you for all your help.  You guys were really great!  I will definitely refer your private detective agency to all my friends & colleagues in need."
Santa Monica, California (Los Angeles County)

"I first consulted with a few other investigation companies in the area, yet I remained skeptical about their service.  But, after I talked over my case with James, I was pleased with the high levels of confidence and experience he conveyed.  In the end, I am glad I choose Bear Witness to perform my surveillance investigation.  Thanks for the video your company obtained.  It was eye-opening.  I'm sure we will work together again in the future."
Murrieta, California (Riverside County)

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