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Bear Witness subscribes to higher industry standards, practices, and ethics.  We endorse these & other allied  professional P.I. organizations: the National Association of Investigative Specialists & the World Association of Detectives.  As West Coast natives & California locals, we are also proud supporters of the Surfrider Foundation, an environmental non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving our oceans, waves, and beaches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning behind your company name?
Rather than calling our private investigation company something generic such as ABC & Associates or XYZ Investigations, we searched for a name that was as unique and distinctive as the service we provide. 

The action term “
bear witness” has two separate definitions: 
1) To provide evidence for; and 2) To give testimony in a court of law. 

We found that this term clearly describes what we do as private investigators.  Therefore, in 1996, Bear Witness was adopted as our legal company name. 
We hope you enjoy it.

Can I keep this investigation confidential?
All work we do for you will remain strictly private, confidential, and legal.    

Is your Detective Agency licensed by the State to perform investigative work?
Yes.  Our company is licensed by the State of California to perform private investigations. Our P.I. License #18755 has been established since 1996.
Can your Private Investigators testify in court?
Yes.  When it is deemed necessary by you and/or your attorney, we can certainly provide you with expert witness testimony as to our investigation and our findings.

Will a rookie or novice investigator work on my case?
No.  We don't hire rookies.  Therefore, one will never touch your case.  Our licensed private investigators are highly trained and skilled.  Each has over 10 years of dedicated and specialized investigative experience to better serve you.

Can you find a personal friend, family member, or lost-love for me?
Yes, we can.  However, certain restrictions apply.  In an effort to protect innocent parties from stalkers, etc, we do not simply hand over identifying information such as addresses or phone numbers of the people you wish to contact.  Instead, once we locate them for you, our agency will make the first contact.  The person will be advised that you are trying to re-connect with them.  If they so desire, they can authorize us to release their contact information.  Yet, if they do not wish to make contact with you (for whatever reason), we will NOT release their information to you.  Regardless of the outcome, you will still be responsible for all costs and fees incurred.  For this Personal-type locate investigation, there are no exceptions to our policy.              

Can you tap, listen in, or record phone conversations for me?
No.  We will not provide you with that type of service as it is deemed illegal in the State of California without consent from both sides.  Also, we will not “hack” into email, phone, utility, credit, bank accounts, etc.

How do I hire the best Private Investigator for my needs?
Many 1st time users have no idea how to hire a P.I. and focus on the cheapest price they can find.  Those people often regret that choice.  We discuss some valuable hiring tips for 1st time users to help you identify several pitfalls to watch out for before you hire.  Learn more in our Tips For Hiring a P.I. section.      

I need your Surveillance services and I want to hire you.  But, how does this all work? 
Our agency has a very low minimum which often starts at 4 consecutive hours per day for Surveillance assignments.  As far as the maximum amount of hours in concerned, we can provide 24 hour/around-the-clock service if needed. Everything is custom-tailored to fit your exact needs.  Our experienced private investigators can quickly help you determine a strategic and useful plan for your particular case and budget.  We recommend that you contact us to discuss your specific needs.  For more detailed information on this topic, please visit our Get Started page.

Do you have a question of your own that you need answered? 
Simply pick up the phone & ask us.  It really is that easy.

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