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TIP #3:  Insider Tips & Pitfalls | Article by Bear Witness: How to Hire a Private Investigator

Make sure the Private Investigator is not already selling out clients for publicity.  Or you could be the next victim of a media-thirsty P.I.

This topic relates to your privacy, and the privacy of your case matter.  Though most people expect that their casework will remain strictly private and confidential, that is simply not always the case.

Previously, we touched on contradictions.  Here is yet another prime example of a way some companies will handle your private investigation.  In one breath, they claim to be completely confidential.  In the next, they are busy sharing actual case videos, photographs, or details with the public.

Sounds insane...we know.  But you can see them for yourself clearly plastered in magazines, newspapers, YouTube, local and national TV News channels, advertisements, or any other social media or public venues they can get their hands on.  At that point, it all becomes public & stays public.  Anyone can then view it and watch all of your private case details unfold.  

Here is a real simple question for you:  Would you ever want your case video or photos broadcasted on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, local news channels, or some silly T.V. talk show?  We seriously doubt it.  Many of you have very private and personal concerns & seek quality help with maximum discretion….not more exposure and added complications! 

Therefore, you have to be very careful about who you choose to work for you.  Does your prospective California private investigation company already share actual case videos/photos/details with the public on the Internet, or other media outlets?  Are they using those actual case videos or photographs as "advertisements" to solicit more business from the public?  Are they constantly on TV discussing their private cases with the media?  If they are, chances are great that yours will be next!!  

At Bear Witness, we protect our client's trust at all cost.  And at no additional cost to you.

“Most of our clients are smart & savvy.  They get it.  They realize that you cannot put a price tag on trust…. because it is never, ever for sale.  There's only one way to get it, and that's to earn it.  We earn it, and we protect it.  Our clients love us for it.  And we love them back.”   James Gonzalez, President & Lead Investigator

You may be asking yourself right about now, ”Why do they do this?  What ever happened to the “private” in private investigations?”  Well, that's exactly what we thought too. 

So, a while back, we went ahead and questioned another private investigation company here in California about this very disturbing trend of selling-out clients for publicity.  After being initially stunned by our question, they eventually stammered out a thinly veiled response. 
That local private investigation company claimed that by placing their case videos on YouTube and other Internet sites (of course, with their company name, website and phone number embedded on the film) that they were “just educating the public”.  Well, that truly was a relief!  We were so glad to hear that publicity, glory, recognition, greed, and your basic self-serving motives had absolutely nothing to do with their decision to publicly share private case videos and photographs.  With all that being said, maybe this is the perfect time for you to add “character & integrity” to your short list of desired qualities in a private investigator that you actually want to hire.

To summarize this privacy issue, either a private investigation company is completely protecting your right to privacy or they are not.  It's that simple.  If you truly care about your privacy, look at what they do, not what they say...for their actions alone will speak volumes of their ethics and intent.  Select private investigators that are crystal clear on this issue, or your case could be “AS SEEN ON TV”.  The choice is yours.  It always has been.

Thank you for reading.  We do hope that you have found our "Insider Tips & Noteworthy Pitfalls" article to be informative and educational.  Now you can confidently go out and hire the best private investigator for your needs in California. 

Closing Considerations

A little known fact is that there are over 40 different areas of practice in the field of Private Investigations.  Most P.I. agencies conduct “general investigations”, which basically means..."a little of this, and a little of that".

Bear Witness is different in that we specialize and excel in a particular area.  We are surveillance experts.  For our company, surveillance operations comprise nearly 95% of the work we do.  Our experience and skills are proven.  We are honest, trustworthy, and loyal.  And you can rest assured that your privacy is always strictly protected.

Tested, proven, & selected since 1996.
If surveillance is what you need, and the subject of your investigation lives, works, or plays in California, then there is no question and no doubt, we are the agency for you.  Thank you for considering Bear Witness for your private investigation needs.  Contact our office today if we can be of any further assistance to you.

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