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Child Custody Investigation California

Involved in a Child Custody battle?

Not too many things in life can prepare you, mentally or physically, for the challenges you are about to face.  Your personal relationship with the other parent has all but dissolved; and your children may now be stuck in the middle of yet another struggle.  It can get ugly and brutal.  Someone who once loved you will do their best to test your patience, your will, and your common decency.  You may now have become their Public Enemy #1.  If this sounds familiar, it's probably time for you to hire a professional & expert private investigator for your Child Custody / Family Law case.

Take action.
When things first start getting out of control and you begin to notice negative behavior from the other parent, our advice is to act quickly before things begin to spiral out of reach.  Understand that often times the other parent is hurt and lashing out in any way possible to cause you pain.  It's unfortunate but the children are often the one's to be used as pawns and weapons to inflict pain upon the other parent.

Gather evidence right away.
You need information, evidence, & answers.  And you need them fast.  The sooner you hire a professional Family Law private investigator to assist you in documenting inappropriate behaviors such as neglect, abuse, or violations of court orders, the sooner you can stop it.  Hoping that things will simply get better is frankly naïve, and in our extensive experience, not a very good option.  

Protect yourself and your children.
When the safety of their innocent children hang in the balance, many parents instinctively do what needs to be done to legally protect and safeguard them.  If you have found this page, you too are searching for information and help regarding a child custody, visitation, or support issue.  Though this page is mainly focused on investigation of Child Custody disputes as a whole, rest assured we could assist with your child visitation and child support issues as well.

Court needs to see "real" evidence.
With divorce rates ever climbing, Family Law courts remain understaffed and over-worked.  All day long judges hear the typical “he-said, she-said”.  Often, they don't know who or what to believe.  Our private investigators can help you (and your Family Law attorney) show the court the real picture.  We can place the other parent under surveillance to document their behavior on videotape.  Does other parent expose kids to unsavory people or environments?  Does your ex smoke or cause any health risk to child?  Do they drink alcohol & drive with kids in car?  Do they claim they have no money for support yet constantly spend money on new partner and lifestyle?  Do they neglect or abuse the children in any way?  Do they have a drug, alcohol, or other problem that is not in the best interest of children?  If so, put us on your case today!

Our videotaped evidence exposes the truth.
Every case obviously has unique circumstances.  There's no way we can go through all examples.  However, we'd like to leave you with this one final point; Videotape tells no lies.  If you think or know that something is going on that is harmful to your child's well being, we suggest that you call us.  We know exactly how to get to the hard, indisputable evidence you need to support your claims in Family Law court and help you protect your child.  We're excellent at what we do & we're ready to help you. 

Common child custody, visitation & support issues:
~  Alcohol / Drugs / Smoking issues
~  Illegal or illicit activity around children
~  Neglect / Neglectful behaviors
~  Abuse / abusive behaviors
~  Living conditions / Lifestyle investigations
~  Background of Others spending time with children
~  Hiding finances / non-payment of support
~  Conflict during visitation pick-up / drop-off

Hire top Child Custody & Family Law investigators
And get the evidence you need to win your child custody case today!  

For a complimentary consultation regarding your child custody investigation, visitation, or child support case matter, contact our office right now.

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