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Bear Witness subscribes to higher industry standards, practices, and ethics.  We endorse these & other allied  professional P.I. organizations: the National Association of Investigative Specialists & the World Association of Detectives.  As West Coast natives & California locals, we are also proud supporters of the Surfrider Foundation, an environmental non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving our oceans, waves, and beaches.

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Top 20 signs & symptoms of a cheater.

01.  Increase in working hours, business trips, meetings

02.  Change in normal activity (home later than usual, doesn't answer phone, etc)

03.  Overly possessive with cell phone, computer, purse, or car

04.  Sets phone to silent, vibrate, or off when around you

05.  Weird phone calls, hang-ups, text messages, emails, etc

06.  Strange numbers on phone, phone bills, or slips of paper

07.  Changes, hides, or restricts access to accounts (email, cellular, bank/credit card)

08.  Uses excuses & lies often about whereabouts

09.  Increased concern about personal appearance

10.  Stops wearing wedding ring

11.  Decrease in sex life, or different sexual techniques

12.  Lipstick, perfume, scents, or stains on clothing

13.  Emotionally distant towards you, family, friends

14.  Complains, argues, picks fights over trivial matters

15.  Unusual credit card charges, or cash withdrawals

16.  Acts restless when at home, makes excuses to leave

17.  Added mileage on car odometer

18.  Says “Let's separate”, or “I think I need some space”, etc.

19.  Find new birth control items, or sexual stimulants

20.  Acquires a different liking or taste in music, movies, activities, foods, drinks, etc.  

If you see one or more of these cheating signs from your spouse or loved one, it does not necessarily mean they are cheating on you.  However, many clients have a strong gut feeling, instinct, or other clues to suspect their loved one is being unfaithful.  They simply need us to get the facts by discreetly investigating it further.

Bear Witness has top private investigators experienced in Cheating Spouse cases that will help you find out the truth, quickly and quietly.  The best way to put an end to the hurtful guessing game is to supply you with factual answers & hard evidence.  Learn just how fast we can get the truth for you.  Contact our office today for a free and private consultation with a professional cheating spouse private investigator.
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