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Bear Witness subscribes to higher industry standards, practices, and ethics.  We endorse these & other allied  professional P.I. organizations: the National Association of Investigative Specialists & the World Association of Detectives.  As West Coast natives & California locals, we are also proud supporters of the Surfrider Foundation, an environmental non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving our oceans, waves, and beaches.

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Places cheaters meet their secret lovers.

Most cheaters are involved in committed relationships and lead pseudo double-lives.  They will often need to lie about their actual whereabouts so they can secretly meet with the “other” person.

This form of dishonesty goes by several different names.  Whatever name you choose to give it, they all have one thing in common:  Betrayal.

-  Cheating Husband, Cheating Wife
-  Cheating Boyfriend, Cheating Girlfriend
-  Cheating Spouse, Unfaithful Partner
-  Cheater, Cheaters
-  Adultery, Affair, Marital Affairs
-  Infidelity, Domestic Concern

So, where do they meet?  Just about everywhere. 
Bear Witness private investigators regularly catch cheaters throughout all areas of Southern California & the San Francisco Bay Area.  Some popular places where cheaters meet, cheat, and spend time with secret lovers in California include:
-  At work, office, business meetings
-  Online social networks, chat rooms, adult sites
-  After work events
-  Convention center, airport
-  Hotel, motel
-  Restaurant
-  Nightclub, bar, hot spot
-  Boy's Night Out
-  Girl's Night Out
-  Resort or country club
-  Sporting event
-  Shopping mall, gift-buying locations
-  Beach, coastal, or local scenic areas
-  Entertainment venue, movie theatre
-  Book store, coffee shop
-  Amusement park
-  Concert, theatre, performing arts
-  Home, apartment, condo, studio, loft
-  Inside car, truck, boat, plane, train
-  Parking lot, golf course, vacation site
-  Out of town, last minute trips
-  Gym, park, pool
-  Most anywhere else you could imagine!

Bear Witness Southern California & SF Bay Area private investigators quickly and quietly uncover the real truth about what they do, and whom they are doing it with.  To have the truth and hold the proof, contact our office anytime, day or night.

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