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Bear Witness subscribes to higher industry standards, practices, and ethics.  We endorse these & other allied  professional P.I. organizations: the National Association of Investigative Specialists & the World Association of Detectives.  As West Coast natives & California locals, we are also proud supporters of the Surfrider Foundation, an environmental non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving our oceans, waves, and beaches.

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Surveillance Investigation Packages

We offer clients different surveillance investigation packages that are specifically designed to fit most applications.  After consulting with you, we can better recommend an appropriate level for your particular need.  In most parts of California, the "Standard" 2-man team surveillance package often benefits clients the most as it offers a high-degree of success balanced with confidentiality and discretion.

1.  The Basic Surveillance Package
The Basic surveillance investigation package consists of a single (1) investigator assigned to your case.  This one-man surveillance operation is often used for short-term assignments where situations are optimal and complications are minimal.

2.  The Standard Surveillance Package
The Standard surveillance package consists of two (2) investigators assigned to your case.  The 2-man surveillance team work together on the assignment in separate vehicles.  Team surveillance is a highly effective, strategic, and proven method of performing a moving surveillance especially in densely populated metropolitan areas.  It's pretty much the modern standard.

And it's a good place to start if you are unsure of what to expect.  This 2-man team surveillance is often used in situations where discretion is vital.  Top factors that may influence and warrant the use of team surveillance may include such things as how the subject drives, the location or area of the surveillance, the awareness level of the subject being watched, or other anticipated factors that are simply too great for a single investigator to handle successfully.  It's no wonder or surprise that our "Standard" surveillance package has become the most popular and best-selling option for those who seek information, evidence, & answers in California.

3.  The V.I.P. Surveillance Package
The VIP surveillance package consists of three or more (3+) investigators assigned to your case.  Often used in highly-sensitive, difficult, or high-profile assignments.  All investigators work together on the assignment in separate vehicles.  Clients desiring the highest levels of discretion and results select the V.I.P. Package.  By strategically utilizing 3 or more investigators, success ratios are through the roof.

“When in the field doing surveillance, unknown factors, variables, and obstacles will always present themselves.  It is inevitable.  This is the exact moment when experience, forward thinking, and skill counts for everything.  Make sure that your surveillance investigators have these qualities, or you'll be wasting valuable time, resources, and evidence which you can never retrieve.”    James Gonzalez, President   
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